Solution Kits related to Mobile

Knowles’ Solution Kits are intended to help Algorithm Developers, System Designers and Audio Engineers create voice-activated systems for various market segments such as IoT, Mobile and Ear-Worn devices. These Solutions cover all aspects of hardware, software and system design, thereby enabling ODMs and OEMs with faster time-to-market.

If you want to evaluate any of the kits below, please contact solutions support.

Knowles IA8201 Audio Edge Processor Development Kit

The IA8201 is a fully customizable, multi-core audio processing platform with a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Software Development Kit (SDK) leveraging Knowles Intelligent Audio’s expertise in audio transducers, acoustics, DSP, and algorithm development.

SmartMic IA611 Development Platform

The SmartMic IA611 Development Platform provides a complete hardware, software, and firmware package for developing DSP algorithms on the Knowles IA611 Smart Mic.  The Platform enables rapid deployment of third party algorithms onto the IA611 for ultra-low-power IoT, mobile, ear-worn, smart speaker, and home automation applications.